Answer the Call of the Raccoon: Join the 2025 Visit Beaver County Rabid Raccoon 100

Spectators & crew members cheer on runners at The Rec Center aid station during the 2024 Visit Beaver County Rabid Raccoon 100. Photo by Max Petrosky.

Get ready for another exhilarating adventure through the trails of Brady’s Run County Park! We are thrilled to announce that registration for the 2025 Visit Beaver County Rabid Raccoon 100 is now open, marking another year of unforgettable challenges and achievements.

Race Details and Distances:

The Visit Beaver Rabid Racoon 100 offers a range of distances to challenge and inspire participants:

  • 100 Mile Ultra
  • 100k Ultra
  • 100 Mile Relay
  • Friday Evening 5k (NEW Course!)
  • Half Marathon
  • Midnight Half Marathon
  • Raccoon’s Revenge Challenge (NEW Obstacle Event!)

This year we introduced the Raccoon’s Revenge Challenge, an obstacle race where participants can face the ultimate challenge of strength, endurance, and mental toughness.


The Visit Beaver Rabid Raccoon 100 offers a variety of challenges to allow every participant the chance to push their limits:

  • Trash Panda Double – The morning half combined with the midnight half marathon
  • Trashy Triple The 5k, morning half, and the midnight half marathon
  • Four Play (NEW!)

But that’s not all! This year we introduced the Four Play, where participants can conquer the 5k, half marathon, midnight half marathon, and the Raccoon’s Revenge Obstacle Challenge.

Venue: Brady’s Run County Park

Nestled in scenic Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, Brady’s Run County Park sets the stage for an unforgettable trail race. Its well-maintained, adventurous trails offer runners scenic vistas and a genuine connection with nature. Complete with ample parking, showers, restrooms, and fully stocked aid stations, participants can immerse themselves fully in the challenge ahead.

Race Course and Aid Stations

The 100-mile course is divided into eight challenging 12.5-mile loops, showcasing stunning scenery and providing a true test of endurance. Each loop is equipped with three aid stations conveniently situated in modern park buildings, ensuring runners have the support necessary to persevere and triumph in the race.

Post-Race Celebrations

When you reach the finish line, a local brewery will be there to celebrate your accomplishments, offering you a chance to relax and enjoy your triumphs with other participants inside the warmth of the Rec Center!

Register Now and Embrace the Challenge

Register now for the 2025 Visit Beaver County Rabid Raccoon 100 at this year’s lowest rates! Don’t miss your chance to challenge yourself, meet running legends, and experience the beauty of Brady’s Run County Park. Join us and be a part of the Rabid Raccoon legacy!

To learn more & to register, please visit:

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