Best Places to Run in Western PA: Alameda Park

We recently uploaded a new video to our Wolf Creek Race Management Youtube channel highlighting Alameda Park in Butler from a running perspective. This is the fourth video in a series of reviews of the best running destinations in Western Pennsylvania. We will be releasing a new video on a new park or trail each week.

Alameda Park is most famous for its community waterpark and mountain bike trails. The mountain bike trails are very well maintained and good for running or hiking. These trails are quite hilly as they are mostly built into the hillside below the waterpark area. There are over six miles of trails in the park with plans for future expansion.

Another running option is the unique 0.8 mile stretch of road that is closed to motor vehicle traffic. This stretch connects W Penn Street in Butler to the main area of Alameda Park. This would be a great area to do 400 meters to 1-mile hill uphill or downhill repeats. This section of road is also featured in the Butler Road Race.

While Alameda Park may not have the number of running options like some larger parks, the .8 mile closed road through the woods is worth checking out for any runners wanting to explore another unique destination in Western Pennsylvania.