What Does it Mean to be a USA Track & Field Member Club?

USA Track & Field is the governing body of the sports of track & field, long distance running, and race walking in the United States.  Its mission is to “foster sustained competitive excellence, interest, and participation in the sports of track & field, long distance running, and race walking.”  USATF member clubs are instrumental in moving this mission forward.  

Track & field and distance running are sports that have a very diverse set of participants and this is evident just by looking at individual clubs.  There are some clubs that are ages 18 & under only, some clubs are comprised of runners only of an elite ability level, some are primarily road racing and long distance focused and some combine a healthy mix of all the above.  Whatever the specific goal or focus of each USATF member club is, it is helping brighten the future of the sport in this country.

Over the past decade, USATF has constantly been improving and adding to the opportunities for club athletes.  They have instituted a large number of national championships ranging from the road to the track to cross country for all ages.  The most popular event today is USATF Club XC National Championships.  This meet is held every December and is the ultimate USATF member club competition. This year it is being held in Tallahassee, FL and we would like to take a group of Wolf Creek Track Club members down to experience it. Non USATF member clubs cannot compete in this or any of USATF’s other events.

Currently both of our club directors are USATF certified coaches and the Wolf Creek Track Club is in good standing with USATF.

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